Let PetsLet!

Pets inspire us to do many things and this is very true in the case of co-founders of Petslets.com Russell and Biscuit, pictured above. Read on to find out more 🙂 The UK has over 9 million dogs and over 7 million cats. Nearly half the UK population has a pet. Yet only 15% of…

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Here to Clear.

Here to clear 24/7. We are able to perform and assist in all UK clearance procedures, including Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), Quarantine and Commercial. Our UK Customs and DEFRA procedures are completed in house. woof@tailwingspettravel.com for more info.

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Otis & Biggie

Otis and Biggie just arrived UK. AUH –> LHR on Etihad and settling into UK life. Here’s little Biggie stretching his legs at home. The world is starting to open up again!

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The world is gradually starting to open up again and if you are looking to relocate with your pets please get in touch with us for up-to-date flight and route availability.. woof@tailwingspettravel.com

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A bit worrying when something this shape gets delivered so near to Halloween  It does make you wonder if Frankenstein is missing a leg  Thankfully it’s just a couple of poop scoops 

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