Travel crates and measuring your dog.

It is of the utmost importance that your dog has the correct size travel crate. Whether it is a plastic IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) approved kennel or a bespoke wooden one they must allow the dog to sit, stand, turn around and to lie in a natural position.
Our measure your dog ( cats don’t need to be measured ) chart explains where to measure. Please measure exactly and don’t be tempted to add on a few inches or cms.
The following chart can also be downloaded from our website  dog measuring chart
If in any doubt and/or you need advice just get in touch, we are more than happy to advise.

As the chart states you must allow measurements to the tips of the ears in breeds that have erect ears, as demonstrated so cutely by Luca who has recently just joined us in this country from New Zealand…
Luca, picture courtesy of owner Neel

measuring your dog Travel Crates

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