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The Chip is Going Home!

No, not these…. but the sort that get scanned on a pet of course!!! So it is with great pleasure that we can share with you the launch of a new service to coincide with our attendance at the IPATA conference in Dallas this weekend, microchip registration. Read on to see the connection. What does…

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Tab & George

  My two beauties arrived safely from Western Australia and were delivered to my home in Cambridgeshire by the very kind and helpful people from JALSA. After such a long journey, and having been boarded in a cattery in WA for a month while I sorted out a home for us they looked superb. A…

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Very Happy Little Beasties

    Hello everyone Please excuse the group email. Finally got two gorgeous little cats home tonight at 8.45pm….. My new cars gearbox seized up on arrival at Glasgow airport – thank god it didn’t do it en route! That was at 2:15 this afternoon. Cats weren’t delivered to collection place till gone 5pm. And another…

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Arthur to Newark

I am so pleased that Arthur’s journey went smoothly, and you guys were very friendly and a massive help. I’m very glad I used your company. I want to thank you again for taking good care of Arthur. It would have been a nightmare to try to ship him without you! Best wishes, Jennie  

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Dave Bradley Photography

Wherever possible on our website we will always use the photo’s our customers have sent us of their beloved pets. The testimonial page will always show when possible actual pet pics but sometimes quality isn’t sharp enough to use on other pages on our website so we have to reluctantly resort to stock pictures, which we try not to do.…

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House Full!

  Katana, Mogwai and their feline housemates Tigger, Jazzy & Pickle all settled in nicely after their journey from Kenya 🙂 “Dear Anita and Alex I’d like to thank you both for the amazing, stress-free export and arrival of my precious cargo, who have settled in as if they had always been here. I’ll be…

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Just Chilling

Little Inca just arrived from Denver and is patiently waiting for her brother and sister, Blitz & Charley to arrive later in the week. Although a mixed breed (Boston Terrier mix) Inca is still considered  brachycephalic or snub nose so she  arrived early to ensure her safety with the cooler temperatures and her journey was…

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Purrl is Purring

Hi Monique It’s nearly a month now that Purrl and I have been in the UK. She has settled in well although does like sleeping in the wardrobe! The Feliway diffuser has helped and she has been spending more time in the lounge especially it seems, now that I have a TV! The process through…

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Beautiful Pickoo just arrived from Dubai and happy in her new home. Her mum says… Thank you jalsa for ur professional help and care with my cat . You were truly  caring bringing my cat over from dubai .big thanks.  

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Pet Scams – be aware!

  Look at the face above, cute? very♥♥♥ Scammers will use all sorts of pictures to try and draw you in to take your money and they won’t be the photos of anything they have for sale! IPATA of which we are members of do an information page here so please read and spread the word.      

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